40+ Psychological Facts About Beauty in 2024 [Ultimate Guide]

Characteristics of beautiful faces, interesting facts about beauty, beauty facts and myths, psychological facts about beauty: So you are really curious to know more and search in deep regarding the beauty, makeup and it’s related stuff, then you have landed the right place, today you will get to know more interesting facts and myths about the human psychology towards the opposite gender.

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Psychological Facts & Myths About Beauty

Well, it is common and pretty natural that opposite gender attracts each other, but the more interesting part is that there is some psychology behind why some people look more attractive than others indeed they have good looks.

Characteristics of beautiful faces, interesting facts about beauty, beauty facts and myths, and psychological facts about beauty.

All in all, just make your mind active and now explore the psychological facts about beauty…

1. The fastest-growing fingernail is the one on your middle finger. The nails on your dominant hand also grow faster than the ones on your non-dominant hand, and all nails grow faster in the summer than in the winter.

2. A 2010 survey found that the average woman spends about $13,000 on makeup in her lifetime. She spends an average of 330 hours applying it.

3. As the week drags on, both men and women spend less time getting ready in the morning. On Mondays, women spend an average of 76 minutes primping, but they spend only 19 minutes on Friday. Men’s grooming routines start at 28 minutes on Mondays and drop to 11 minutes on Fridays.

4. At the beginning of the twentieth century, the average American woman wore a size 3 1/2 or 4 shoe; by the 1960s, it was a size 5 1/2 or 6. Nowadays, the most common foot size is between an 8 1/2 and a 9.

5. Caucasian babies are born with blue eyes, Many babies of African, Hispanic, Indian, and Asian descent are born with brown eyes. Some babies are born with really dark eyes that appear almost black too.

6. Genetically, there are really only two types of hair: straight and curly. Wavy hair is the result of a person carrying one of each type of gene.

7. The world’s bestselling perfume is Chanel No. 5. The company first produced the scent in 1919 and estimates that a bottle is sold every thirty seconds.

8. When dry, human hair has greater tensile strength than a strand of nylon of the same size.

9. People may look more attractive when someone is drunk because the drunk person is less likely to notice the asymmetry of a face.

10. Women perceive men with beards as having “the biological and social qualities that would enhance their value as husbands” and also consider them “more potent and more active, suggesting virility as well as physical attractiveness.”

11. According to most online dating sites, it seems that women are most concerned with a potential partner’s height, while men are more concerned with their potential date’s weight.

12. Humans usually agree on who is and isn’t attractive, regardless of race, ethnicity, and culture. Researchers have noticed that attraction is not merely in the eye of the beholder, but that there are universal standards of attractiveness.

13. Researchers have discovered that women prefer masculine-looking men when they are ovulating, but at other times they seek men with softer features because they consider them kinder in terms of social behavior.

14. The vertical distance between the eyes and mouth, and the horizontal distance between the eyes are key determinants of the “ideal” face.

15. The left side of the face is prettier.

16. Beautiful people make about 5% more an hour than their average-looking colleagues.

17. Beautiful people are happier.

18. Being too attractive can hurt job and scholarship opportunities.

19. Attractive men and women have higher IQs.

20. Women find men less attractive when they smile; the opposite is true for women.

21. Women are more attracted to men who are desired by others.

22. Men prefer women with child-like faces.

23. We are more likely to pick up on the personality traits of attractive people than unattractive people.

24. People want a partner who looks like their parents.

25. Believe it or not, becoming attractive has become a profitable industry in most of the West, with $200 billion spent annually globally. This “industry” includes weight-loss programs, cosmetics, skin and hair care, perfumes and cosmetic surgery, among other products.

26. Women are usually more attracted to older men than they are to younger ones. Researchers explain that this is because men are capable of fathering children for nearly their entire adult lives, and older men typically have more resources.

27. In most cultures, males find younger females more attractive than older ones, mainly because women are able to reproduce for only a limited time.

28. Dr. David Buss, an evolutionary psychologist, recorded mating preferences for more than ten thousand people from thirty-seven countries and cultures and concluded that a woman’s looks were at the top or near the top of every man’s list.

29. In order to become more beautiful or to maintain their beauty during the Middle Ages, wealthy and noble females would swallow arsenic or dab bat’s blood on their skin to improve their complexion.

30. Aristotle was one of the first people who realized and recorded the importance of human attraction; he noted that “personal beauty is a greater recommendation than any letter of reference.”

31. TV news producers will usually report on the case of an attractive victim rather than an average-looking individual.

32. To a child, physical attractiveness is often associated with being smarter and friendlier. That’s why when a child picks their friends, they usually go for the smarter and kinder ones.

33. Attractive politicians typically receive more news coverage than less attractive ones.

34. Someone who is accused of raping an unattractive victim is less likely to be found guilty than one accused of raping an attractive victim.

35. Physically attractive people tend to have better-paying jobs in higher-level positions than their less attractive counterparts. This preference is usually referred to as “beauty bias.

36. Researchers suggest that a highly attractive woman is perceived as less capable of meeting a job’s requirement concerning its masculine qualities than an unattractive woman.

37. A study has shown that college students tend to rate their teacher’s performance more on the basis of physical attractiveness than on their ability to communicate.

38. The offspring of a couple in their thirties or even older tends to find mature faces more attractive than a child born to parents in their twenties.

39. Birth control pills can affect both a woman’s hormone levels and to whom they are attracted.

40. Men with more masculine characteristics are linked to having higher testosterone levels, being more aggressive, and having higher-than-average divorce rates.

41. Regardless of how many sexual partners someone has been with, the more attractive a new sexual partner is, the less likely a person will be interested in using protection during sex.

42. Teachers expect better-looking students to perform better than the rest of the class; a fact that often leads to less punishment and better grades.

Conclusion on Psychological Facts About Beauty

No matter whether you believe it or not, the most attractive, good-looking, and appealing people or personalities will get more attention and care than normal people and it can be easily understood with the magnetic property, as when you put closer to magnets with opposite poles.
Then their attraction towards each other is pretty normal and it must happen because of the law of nature and magnetic property, the same goes for the opposite genders in humans and all. Characteristics of beautiful faces, interesting facts about beauty, beauty facts and myths, and psychological facts about beauty.
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