How to Apply Eyeshadow on Hooded Eyes in 2024 [Ultimate Guide]

Hooded eyes, characterized by a lack of visible eyelid space when the eyes are open, present a unique challenge when it comes to makeup application, particularly with eyeshadow.

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However, with the right techniques and tools, you can enhance the natural beauty of hooded eyes and create stunning eye looks that accentuate their shape.

In this post, we’ll walk you through step-by-step instructions on how to apply eyeshadow specifically for hooded eyes, helping you achieve flawless and flattering results.

Understanding Hooded Eyes

Before diving into eyeshadow application techniques, it’s essential to understand the characteristics of hooded eyes.

Hooded eyes feature a prominent brow bone that partially or fully covers the eyelid crease, resulting in a limited visible lid space when the eyes are open.

As a result, traditional eyeshadow techniques may not be as effective for hooded eyes, requiring tailored approaches to enhance the eyes’ appearance.


  1. Prime the Eyelids: Start by applying an eyeshadow primer or concealer to the eyelids to create a smooth and even base. This helps to prevent creasing and ensures that the eyeshadow adheres well and maintains its vibrancy throughout the day.
  2. Set the Base: After applying primer or concealer, set the base with a translucent or skin-toned eyeshadow powder. This helps to prevent the eyeshadow from creasing and provides a smooth canvas for blending.

Eyeshadow Application Techniques:

  1. Transition Shade:
    • Choose a matte eyeshadow shade that is one or two shades darker than your skin tone.
    • Using a fluffy blending brush, apply the transition shade above the crease and blend it upward toward the brow bone.
    • This creates depth and dimension in the eye area, helping to define the crease and provide a seamless transition between eyeshadow colors.
  2. Lid Shade:
    • Opt for lighter, shimmery eyeshadow shades to brighten and open up the eyes.
    • Apply the lid shade directly onto the mobile eyelid, focusing on the visible lid space.
    • Use a patting motion to pack the color onto the lid, ensuring maximum pigmentation and opacity.
  3. Outer V Definition:
    • To add dimension and definition to hooded eyes, apply a darker matte eyeshadow shade to the outer V of the eye.
    • Using a small, tapered blending brush, apply the darker shade along the outer corner of the eye, extending slightly into the crease.
    • Blend the color outward and upward toward the brow bone, creating a soft, gradient effect.
  4. Inner Corner Highlight:
    • Highlighting the inner corner of the eyes helps to brighten and awaken the eye area.
    • Choose a light, shimmery eyeshadow shade and apply it to the inner corner of the eyes using a small brush.
    • This adds a touch of luminosity and draws attention to the eyes, making them appear more open and awake.
  5. Eyeliner and Mascara:
    • Finish the look by applying eyeliner and mascara to define the eyes further.
    • For hooded eyes, consider using a thin line of eyeliner along the upper lash line to avoid overwhelming the lid space.
    • Curl your lashes and apply mascara to both the top and bottom lashes to add volume and length.

Things to avoid while applying Eyeshadow on Hooded Eyes

When it comes to applying eyeshadow on hooded eyes, certain techniques and practices can either enhance or detract from the overall look. To achieve the best results, it’s essential to be aware of what to avoid. Here are some common pitfalls to steer clear of when applying eyeshadow on hooded eyes:

  1. Overapplication of Dark Shades: Avoid applying dark eyeshadow shades all over the eyelid, especially if your hooded eyes have a smaller visible lid space. Dark shades can make the eyes appear smaller and more closed off. Instead, focus on using darker shades sparingly to add depth and dimension to the outer corners of the eyes.
  2. Skipping Eyelid Priming: Neglecting to prime the eyelids before applying eyeshadow can lead to creasing, fading, and uneven color payoff, especially on hooded eyes where the skin tends to be oilier. Always use an eyeshadow primer or concealer to create a smooth base and ensure long-lasting, vibrant eyeshadow application.
  3. Ignoring the Brow Bone: Avoid neglecting the brow bone area when applying eyeshadow. Highlighting the brow bone helps to lift and open up hooded eyes, creating the illusion of more visible lid space. Use a light, shimmery eyeshadow shade to highlight the brow bone for a brightening effect.
  4. Harsh Lines and Unblended Colors: Steer clear of harsh lines and unblended eyeshadow colors, as they can make hooded eyes appear more closed off and heavy. Instead, focus on blending eyeshadows seamlessly to create soft transitions between colors. Use a fluffy blending brush to blend out harsh edges and achieve a seamless gradient effect.
  5. Using Thick Eyeliner: Avoid applying thick eyeliner along the entire upper lash line, as this can further enclose hooded eyes and make them appear smaller. Opt for a thinner line or tightline the upper lash line to define the eyes without overwhelming the lid space. Alternatively, consider using a winged eyeliner technique to elongate the eyes and create the illusion of lifted lids.
  6. Neglecting the Inner Corner: Don’t forget to highlight the inner corner of the eyes. Neglecting this area can make hooded eyes appear tired and less awake. Use a light, shimmery eyeshadow shade or a highlighter to brighten the inner corner and create a more open-eyed look.
  7. Skipping Mascara on Lower Lashes: Neglecting to apply mascara to the lower lashes can create an imbalance in eye makeup and make hooded eyes appear top-heavy. Apply mascara to both the upper and lower lashes to balance the look and define the eyes fully.

By avoiding these common mistakes and implementing tailored techniques for hooded eyes, you can enhance their natural beauty and create stunning eyeshadow looks that flatter your features.

Conclusion on How to Apply Eyeshadow on Hooded Eyes

Mastering eyeshadow application for hooded eyes requires a combination of technique, practice, and experimentation.

By understanding the unique characteristics of hooded eyes and employing tailored application techniques, you can enhance their natural beauty and create eye-catching looks that complement your features.

With this step-by-step guide, you’re equipped with the knowledge and skills to confidently apply eyeshadow that flatters your hooded eyes and elevates your makeup game.

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