10+ Best Hippie Hairstyles in 2024 [Ultimate Guide]

Nowadays after you have got the perfect and elegant make-up on your face, the very next thing that you must think about is the hairstyle.

No matter you are getting ready for the festival, part or any other special occasion, if you have an attractive hairstyle then it can adore and attract everyone towards you.

So, if you are here reading this post that means you are obsessed with the hippie hairstyle and if you want to give it a try. Then just continue reading out and choose the best hairstyle that suits you.

Best Hippie Hairstyles

Whenever hippie hairstyle comes in to the mind, it just reflects happiness, unique looks, just be yourself, fancy braids, and those stylish looks attitude.

In a nutshell, hippie hairstyles is like a new hope in the fashion industry with pretty wavy hairs and gorgeous looks that can attract and adore by everyone.

Now let’s explore those best hippie hairstyles and you choose the best out from the box.

1. The Milkmaid Up-Dos

9 best hippie hairstyles styles at life 4

The milkmaid up-do looks magnificent and appears to be gorgeous. It simply entails bringing all of your hair together and braiding it into a bun.

Because hippie fashions are unstructured, make sure the final appearance has looser binding. Jennifer Lawrence has carefree hair in this photo, but one can also frame their face characteristics in this way.

In my view, you must give this hippie hairstyle a try to get the awesome and best comments plus compliments to embrace your beauty.

2. Braided Hairband

9 best hippie hairstyles styles at life 3

This hairstyle seeks to create the appearance of a hair band that is interwoven with your own hair. To achieve the best results, precisely tuck in all of your asymmetrical bangs, like Jennifer Aniston did for one of her Oscars Red Carpet performances.

This hippie hairstyle looks truly very awesome and make you looks gorgeous no matter it is a party or any other festival occasion.

3. Waterfall Braids

9 best hippie hairstyles styles at life 2

This effortless braid is ideal for hair of any length. Straight to slightly wavy hairs perform the best.

Small clumps of hair appear to be flowing down one’s head in the shape of waterfalls. It’s a traditional bohemian appearance that fits in with hippy culture and hairstyle.

If you don’t want any complications and wants to have the best hairstyle without any hassle, then you must go with this type of hairstyle to look awesome and attractive.

It requires very less time to get completed with and you are set to go out in just few minutes then hangout with your friends and family members.

4. The Messy Pony-Tail Braid

9 best hippie hairstyles styles at life 6

Careless hair strands is also one of the best hippie hairstyle that you can adore. To pull out this kind of hippie hairstyle, you don’t need very thick hair or long hairs.

Just pull your hair back in a high ponytail. And then evenly loosen the braid along the length, like Blake Lively did in this red carpet appearance, she looks magnificent with this kind of hippie hairstyle so why don’t you give it a try.

5. Classic French Braid

9 best hippie hairstyles styles at life 5

If you are related to French tradition some way or other then here is the classic french braid which you must known. Try out the traditional French braid with a modern twist. To make them stand out, one might use an ombre colour scheme, exactly like Beyonce has used. Even a jazzy outfit or denim jeans also suits best on it.

6. The Floral Wreath

9 best hippie hairstyles styles at life 8

Every aspect of hippie culture is natural. So a straightforward floral wreath can change your appearance from everyday with this beautiful and attractive look. The general idea is to select flowers that reflect your mood. Allow the lower end of your hair to curl up like in this photo to give it a softer, more relaxed appearance.

7. The French Fishtail

9 best hippie hairstyles styles at life 10

The most common braid in the world’s fashion circles is the herringbone or fishtail braid. For people with thick, long hair, it’s ideal and suits the best.

It effortlessly controls the volume, and the pattern itself enhances the beauty of this hairdo. Either leave it alone or tidy it up into a side bun. The hair at the top can alternatively be left carelessly loose and the braid can be started from the nape of the neck. Venessa Hudgens, an actress, executed this look flawlessly.

Just look at the beauty of those wavy hairs and how it looks like. It is one of the best way of hippie hairstyle to adore you.

If you want some more hippie hairstyle fashion looks then you can explore the below listed styles too.

8. Boho-Hippie Vibes

These days, the hottest and emerging fashion trends are those that make chic, colourful, and audacious looks. Try one of these hippie afro hairstyles if you want to embrace new appearances with undiluted confidence and wish to ditch the typical fashion and feminine trends.

The boho-inspired hippie hairstyle is particularly popular among nomadic communities and has recently gained enormous popularity in the fashion business.

9. Stylish Hippie Look for Curly Hair

Curly hair has become a new hair trend and inspiration for many. Girls, if you are bored of casual sleek loose hair, this curly and dense loose hair with a hippie style band can be your new companion.

All you need to do is just work on some colourful hairband as shown in the picture, and work on it through the head. Leave the hair as it is, and you are set to go!

This is also one of the most simplest and trendy fashion hippie hairstyle that you must be trying.

10. Half Bun Hippie Hairstyle

The entire idea of the half-bun, which has got quite famous in recent times, is inspired by hippie trends. In the half bun look, a half section of hair is taken aside and made a bun near the crown area.

Rest of the hair section if left over to give a girly and fancy look. This style is already well-received by young girls and is among the most sought after hairstyles in today’s generation.

11. Unique Hippie Hairstyle with Strings

The internet has long been dominated by a distinctive and seamless fusion of fashionable, playful, and feminine haircuts.

Unique Hippie Hairstyle with Strings has a natural appearance and is perfect for young girls with a sense of style who want to look vibrant and on-trend while incorporating the newest trends over time. Beautiful wavy hair and a braided headband can be used together to create this look with the help of colourful ribbons or strings.

12. Double Braided Hippie

Braids can never go out of trend, even for hippie haircuts and looks. This hippie double braid hairstyle look with a similar headband is new in fashion town, and it hasn’t taken much time to get this look popular.

For all the girls who are braiding fans and youthful look with attractive & charming styles, this is simple to do and yet matches with our everyday easy hairstyle look. What do you think?

Conclusion on Best Hippie Hairstyles

A normal hairstyle becomes too normal if you are having the style in all the functions, occasions and all then most probably you will loose that charm of trying something new and attractive.

Something which can attract and can also increase your beauty to the upper limits.

There’s the place hippie hairstyle comes in to the action, so that’s all for the 10+ Best Hippie Hairstyles.

Hope you have found this post on hippie hairstyle useful and informative, don’t forget to share it with your friends and family too.

Thank You 🙂