How To Apply Perfume Oil in 2024 [100% Ultimate Guide]

If you are a perfume or scent lover, then you must be knowing that applying perfume oil or attar is one the best thing to keep you more confident and spread the fragrance all around. Perfume oils are highly concentrated and the amount of alcohol content in them is negligible, so applying perfume oil less is more.

how to apply perfume oil

Attars are stronger enough to spread the fragrance than Eau de parfums or Eau de toilette which have a high amounts of alcohol too that is also prohibited to apply if you are a Muslim.

So, if you have the perfume oil with you and don’t know how to apply it to your clothes and specific body parts then you are here at the right place. All the steps and important that you should keep in mind while applying the attar have been listed out here.

Let’s get started and explore it right away…

How To Apply Perfume Oil

As said, perfumes and scents as high amount of alcohol content that is not suitable, that is why it is recommended to have a best perfume oil in your wardrobe, so that whenever you want to have a nice fragrance around you, there should be simple way to have it all around.

1. Traditional way of perfume oil application

Traditionally or in the past, people have used perfume oils or attars garments or items of clothing indirectly or directly. The applicator stick or the roller head on the perfume container can be used to apply the fragrance oils. To achieve this, gently massage your palms together after placing one or more drops of perfume oil in the palm of your hand or the inner wrist.

Then, by softly brushing the palms of the hands over the clothing, the fragrant oil is applied to the garments. This keeps the garments from being soiled and makes sure the perfume oil covers a significant portion of the clothing.

However, it is important to consider how sensitive the clothing is and what colour it is. Light-colored garments and delicate textiles like silk should be examined first in a hidden location. Darker oils notably can be observed and also make the marks to be seen and it looks weird.

And this is one of the most common and gentle way of applying perfume oil that is followed all Muslims, but when it comes to Arabs and Gulf countries it is little bit different. Which is listed below, please have a look at it.

2. Directly applying on the skin

A tiny drop of the perfume should be placed into your wrists, down your jawline, behind your earlobes, into the tips of your hair or beard, if you want to wear or apply one.

The sillage frequently begins gradually and is overpowering, so resist the urge to add additional oil right once and instead wait and watch. When warmed by your skin and motions, perfume oils frequently get stronger. You can always “top up” the perfume a bit, but it might be challenging to reduce the aroma after using too much.

For usage as a fragrance on the body, only a tiny drop will do as body heat just makes the scent stronger. After the attar has dried down for a short while, you will be able to smell its lovely fragrance.

So, it will be also recommended that you should use it less, and it says “Less is More” in perfume oil.

Like wise there are other spots including wrists, collar bones, behind knees, behind ears etc. where you can apply perfume oil and enjoy the long lasting fragrance.

Conclusion on how to apply perfume oil

Likes scents and perfumes, perfume oil need to be apply all over body just like spraying sprinkles. You need to apply it in a specific areas where there is less contact but more exposures that leads to long lasting smell and more coverage to spread.

Just follow one of the above method for applying perfume oils and you are set to go with the perfect fragrance all day long.

So, that’s all for on how to apply perfume oil, hope you have found this post helpful and informative, if that is right then you must share it with your friends and family members who loved perfume oils but don’t know how to apply them.

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